Europe: From Zell Am See to Prague by Train

Train from Zell Am See to Prague © Jessica Gatfield

After a lovely 5 days in Austria, our journey truly begun as we embarked on our travels across Europe to Prague by train. We departed from Zell Am See for Salzburg at 7.30AM on a Monday morning, the train speeding through the heavy snowfall from the previous day. From Salzburg we purchased our pricey one way tickets to Prague setting us back €71.80 and waited for our already delayed train to depart.


_DSC0196From Salzburg we headed for Linz, a city situated one hour and a half Northeast. From Linz onwards the journey was supposed to take a total of four and a half hours to reach Praha without any complications. To our surprise after an interesting passport check, we disembarked the train at Ceske Budejovice and awaited another train to take us towards Prague. With one more change ahead of us, we soon settled in to our own compartment on the train and relaxed. As the sun began to set, we arrived at Praha Hlavni Nadrazi station, suitcases in one hand and a map in the other. Our next mission was finding the hostel, an apparent ten minute walk away in the New Town district, an interesting mission in darkness.

A View from the Train Window © Jessica Gatfield

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