‘What You Do Today Can Improve All Of Your Tomorrows’


There is no better way to begin the week than with a Motivational Monday post. This will be the start of many, a way to kickstart my week with positive vibes and get my creativity flowing. Today’s quote is particularly important, one I have seen and read many times before but mostly chose to ignore. It has become apparent, although knowing in hindsight that this quotes speaks the truth to every human being, that doing something each day that is inline with your future goals and aspirations keep your dreams alive. Simply dedicating time each day to blog has already brought about positive changes and has manifested new habits. Blogging has become an escape, a focus that brings a sense of calm, happiness and determination into my everyday and enriches a desire to strive for more.

When you cannot go a day without thinking about something, you have to nurture those thoughts and encourage them to grow. The journey to making a dream your reality is like watching a rose in bloom, thriving from a seedling to a flower. Once the seed is planted, you cannot let it perish. You may get pricked by the thorns that emerge along the way, once, maybe even twice, but you will soon learn to protect yourself and encourage growth once more. You must water your goals, feed your dreams and allow them to flourish in all of their magnificent glory, so that one day you can sit back and admire the greatness that you reared with your own two hands.


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