‘A goal with no plan is just a wish’


It’s true, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

A dream without action will still remain a dream.

Ambition without action is fantasy.

Dreams begin and end in reality, starting and finishing with us. What we put out into the Universe we will inevitably receive back. It we are giving off positive vibes, things will work in our favour, opportunities will arise, doors will open and we will be more in tune with the world around us. When negativity, self-doubt and fear start knocking, they can cause us to lose track, forget why we started and sometimes give up all together.

By setting ourselves goals we can stay focused  on what we are trying to achieve and take one step at a time. Rather than waiting for opportunity to find us, we can either search for it or create it. We need to step outside of comfort zone, seek inspiration in the most unlikely of places and trust our struggle. Set tasks, create goals, make endless lists and keep moving.

But what is even more important is taking time to reflect on our progress. Give praise to our own achievements, our talent, our drive and acknowledge that where we are right now is where we are meant to be.

So what are you waiting for?

The only thing that is stopping you, is you.  


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