‘Make Yourself Proud’


Today I felt extremely proud of myself. Having recently found the motivation to begin running again, I beat my personal best for the second time. Upon reflecting, I couldn’t help but smile.

I believe that society has taught us to always make others proud. For as long as I remember, I and almost everybody I know has at one stage or another sought approval from somebody else. Whether it is getting the top grades in school to please parents, unwillingly persuing a pathway or hobby to keep somebody else happy or even following the latest trends just to please strangers. Whatever it may be, at times, we have all forgotten to please the most important person in our lives; ourselves.

When we allow ourselves to feel that sense of honour, it can only bring immense happiness. You can be proud of yourself for the tiniest of achievements, for things that others may believe are insignificant or your family or friends may not agree with.

You have full control over making yourself feel proud as it is something purely personal. Set goals for you. Chase your dreams because you want to. When you begin to do what you love from your heart, to please only yourself and nobody else, that is when the real magic can happen. You have a choice. You can be your own worst enemy or your best friend.

This week, do things to make yourself proud. Quit seeking approval from others, ignore their opinions and focus on you. Your happiness comes from within, only you can create a space for it to bloom.

And in regards to running, whether you have completed your first run, hit that 5km or just smashed your tenth marathon, pat yourself on the back. You got this. And if you didn’t ‘succeed’ today then forgive yourself. Tomorrow is a new day!

Have a great week everyone!


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