‘I can’t tell you the key to success, but they key to failure is trying to please everyone’

I know I, like many others, suffer from ‘trying to please everyone syndrome’.

We want to be liked.

We want to feel respected.

We want our opinions to matter, our values acceptedΒ and our feelings to be acknowledged.

We worry too much about what our friends and family think, how strangers will perceive us, if we will make a good first impression.

We tailor our personalities, hide traits and cover our flaws to portray the best version of ourselves that at times can be far from authentic.

We worry that we may be a little weird, somewhat different, maybe even rather strange.

We continually seek acceptance from everybody other than ourselves.

‘Care about what other people think and you’ll always be their prisoner’

If weΒ do not begin with self-acceptance then we sure won’t end with it.

If we cannot see our true worth, respect our core values and live accordingly, then we are bound to fail.

‘No matter how good you are to people, you will always have others criticising you’Β 

Whatever we choose to pursue in life, it will be wrong, pointless or immoral in somebody else’s eyes. As long as what we choose to do brings us happiness, fills us with joy and encourages growth, then needless to say we are on the right track.

Never let another’s opinion stand in the way of you and your goals.

Only you have the power to create the life that you envision.

Your dream, passion and purpose are entirely and authentically you.

So live it.



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