“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf”


Just like the sea, inspiration drifts in waves. There are times when the tide creeps in unexpectedly, slowly but surely lapping at the dry sand, building up a momentum with steady flow. On those days we see progression, ideas flowing in a natural manner, gracefully towards us, the potential washing around our ankles. We take our pick, segregate the great from the less so, collecting handfuls of ideas and making plans.

However, on other’s, the undulating waves crash against the rocks, ideas colliding and getting lost in the under current. We cannot quite seem to grasp what is before us, watching the inspiration slip between our salty hands, our precious ideas recoiling back to sea. Before we know it we are bone dry, stranded upon an island of nothingness, motivation and inspiration lost with the receding tide. We find ourselves sifting through the sand for remnants or traces of what we had hoped to find.

As unpredictable as the sea can be, inspiration can come and go like the tide. Somedays we have to accept that we may not be able to create in the way that we would like and taking a step back to look at the wider picture is a sensible option. The universe has an incredible way of reminding us about our goals which may not be visible within that present moment. We may find ourselves crossing paths with other likeminded individuals in the most peculiar of circumstances or losing ideas rapidly only to be presented with something bigger and better.

Sometimes, all it takes is a lack of inspiration to inspire you to create. That in itself can be a great motivator.


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