Motivational Monday: ‘Trust the timing of your life’

Just as we seem to have our future mapped out, life sometimes has a funny way of throwing us off track. Whether this is to do with our career, relationships, security or anything else for that matter, life usually has a hidden agenda.

Sometimes, it allows things to work in our favour. We may have a lucky streak and we accomplish with ease what we set out to achieve. We may get the job we had applied for, find our dream home or meet our future partner.

At other times, it can seem as if nothing goes our way which in turn can make us feel downbeat, upset and even diminish our motivation. It can cloud our vision and encourage a negative state of mind, forcing us to accept rather than challenge. It is at this stage that we have to turn to trust rather than give in to fear. We have to trust in the timing and the purpose of the missed opportunity as it is there to teach us a lesson. This may be because something better awaits us in the future or that we needed to have that particular experience in order to grow. As soon as we start to envision these setbacks as ways in which we can move forward, we will start to see everything as a blessing rather than a curse.

 Having battled a lot with this dilemma in the past, I am beginning to change my mindset towards the timing of events in my life and trust that they are presenting themselves with good reason.




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