“Those who don’t jump will never fly.”


After setting my mind to it, this evening I ran 8KM, a huge leap from barely being able to run a few miles only a few weeks ago. It goes to show, if we never try then we will never succeed.

Sometimes pushing past your comfort zone, pushing a little more and further still, you can achieve great things. As soon as we allow mental barriers to stop us before we even begin, we set ourselves up for failure. Recently I have been achieving so much more by just believing that I can do it. Whether that is applying for different job roles, pushing myself with my own fitness goals or just spending my time more wisely, whatever it may be, it is working wonders for my wellbeing and peace of mind.

They say, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.’

This week my aim is to keep striving for more, set the bar higher and persevere with creating my own future. Sometimes, all it takes is a little break from the humdrum 9 to 5 to reinforce our core values and identify where they may lie.

What steps are you going to take this week to ensure you take the leap?





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