Minimalism: Downsizing My Wardrobe

Statistics show that on average, people wear only 20% of their wardrobe. We hold onto clothes that no longer fit in the hope that ‘someday’ they might. We keep those ‘little too tight’ numbers and ‘oh so baggy’ sweatshirts in the hope that this flaw may magically disappear in the future. We establish emotional attachments with items that we own as they may remind us of our past or symbolise an investment in our future. Letting go of these possessions can make us feel like we are losing a part of ourselves or personality when really it is just threatening our ego.

Minimising our wardrobe does not mean that we lose our identity. It is about identifying our favourite every day items, the pieces that bring us joy and those that make us feel great. By eliminating the excess, we also eliminate the overwhelm of choice. Gone will be the days where you cannot find something to wear in the material abyss and found will be a unique collection where each piece speaks for itself. When we minimise our options we maximise our time.

This week, I set myself the task of minimising my clothing. I began by counting the items within my wardrobe that I currently own which are as follows:

– 16 Tops

– 7 Shirts 

– 10 Jumpers/cardigans

– 11 dresses

– 10 pairs of trousers

-4 Sports Wear

– Total: 58 items –

To some, this may seem like a large amount and to others it will seem like a little. Surprisingly, out of those 58 items, I only seem to wear around half if not less. As my job obliges me to own both smart and casual clothing, I have to create a balance within my wardrobe that allows me to utilise each item in and out of the workplace.


After creating a mountain of apparel and filling two bin bags ready for donating to my local charities, I was finally satisfied with my new wardrobe.

My items left after the declutter are as follows:

– 9 Tops (-7)

– 4 Shirts (-3)

– 6 Jumpers and cardigans (-4)

– 7 Dresses (-4)

– 5 Pairs of trousers (-5)

-4 Sports Wear (-0)

-Total 35 Items-

In the shelving compartment I keep my toiletries, make up bag and hair dryer at the top, the second is for my jumpers, the third is for my everyday tops, the fourth is for my trousers and shorts the fifth is for thermals and a festive jumper. To add, my shoes are kept in a box in our hallway cupboard where coats and hats are also reside.

Minimising my 5 coats and 11 pairs of shoes is on my to do list!

Hanging in the wardrobe are my cardigans, smart shirts, dresses and a hoody for work. Below you’ll find my gym bag, a handbag and another for my camera equipment. To the side, hanging upon the door are my two sports bras and leggings for running and the gym. Finally, the contents of my top shelf are featured below, including my favourite cruelty-free perfume from Eden, a perfumery based in Brighton that recreates top selling fragrances using ingredients that have not been tested on animals. I wear Bomb Flowers, a scent that smells very similar to Flower Bomb by Victor Rolf for a fraction of the price too! You can buy their perfume here.

With a clearer wardrobe comes a clearer mind. Maintaining the minimalism is the next step to tackle therefore I have created a few rules that I intent to stick by.

I pledge to keep my wardrobe minimal by;

  1. Buy one, give two awayWhen I buy a new item of clothing, I pledge to donate two in return. 
  2. 90/90 rule- If I haven’t used an item in the last 90 days and I do not think I will use it in the following 90 days, then I will let it go.*
  3. Keep it organised – I pledge to keep my wardrobe tidy and organised by consciously putting my clothes away after each use. 

*with an exception of summer clothing and walking gear that I know I will indefinitely wear in the near future

How will you minimise your wardrobe?

What items no longer add value to your life?






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