5 Simple Acts Of Kindness To Strangers

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Scott Adams

For a stranger, one small act of kindness can make their day. Here are 5 simple acts that you can do to bring a little joy into somebody else’s life as well as your own.

1. Offer A Helping Hand

When somebody is in need, offer a helping hand. Whether that may be giving directions, helping a mother and her child in a pushchair or holding up a bus for a latecomer, be open to helping another.

2.Express Common Courtesy

When was the last time you held open the door for another or gave up your seat? In an age of unconscious thinking and obsession with technology, take a moment to look up from your phone and  read the situation around you. These small acts of kindness can really make somebody’s day.

 3.Time Over Money

Give somebody your time rather than your money. This is particularly relevant to the homeless community. If you do not wish to spare some change, take a moment to say ‘hello’ or strike up a conversation. It is easy to get self-absorbed in our routine and ignore those less-fortunate than ourselves.

4.Give A Compliment

We all love to receive compliments but many of us are afraid to give them. You may wish to compliment another on their outfit, beauty or even a unique characteristic. Don’t just think it, do it. Be emotionally generous and create a positive connection with another.

5.Put Pen To Paper

You need not be an aspiring writer or penpal enthusiast to put pen to paper and brighten someone’s day. You may already write to distant relatives or far-off friends, but how about writing to a stranger in need? Postpals is a fantastic charity that is dedicated to putting smiles on the faces of sick children aged 3 to 17 through the act of sending letters, cards or small gifts.

What small act of kindness can you fulfill today?




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