Minimalism: What It Means To Me

To me, minimalism means…

  • Shedding Excess Baggage – Through the act of decluttering I want to create a space at home that brings about a sense of calm
  • Avoiding Mindless Consumption – Questioning whether what I am choosing to buy  adds value to my life
  • Shopping With A Conscience –  Buying clothes and products from ethical companies that treat their workers fairly and leave less of a carbon footprint
  • Prioritise Health & Wellbeing – Listen to my body more, eat nourishing whole foods and embrace solitude

Minimalism may equal less but it certainly does not equal a lack of something. When you enjoy and appreciate the possessions you already have, you begin to see why they brought you joy in the first place. You may own less from a consumer’s point of view but what you do own serves a purpose or brings happiness.



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