How We Got Lucky Enough To See The Northern Lights In Iceland

The Right Time of Year The Aurora Borealis was at the forefront of our minds when we initially planned our trip to Reykjavik. Having read many an article online, we discovered that travelling between September and April would provide us with a much higher chance of witnessing the display as the nights are fully immersed into darkness. … Continue reading How We Got Lucky Enough To See The Northern Lights In Iceland

My Top Ten Things To See and Do in Iceland

10. Happy Hour in Reykjavik  Having known that Reykjavik was an expensive city to drink alcohol in, with prices similar if not higher to those found in London, we did not picture ourselves sat at a downtown bar at Happy Hour on the last evening of our stay. With it's luminescent signage and American Diner theme … Continue reading My Top Ten Things To See and Do in Iceland

Eating Vegan In Iceland 

After reading many a guidebook about Icelandic cuisine, I was apprehensive about being able to find any Vegan friendly food throughout our stay. I knew I would have to somewhat rely on using the kitchen in our apartment to create packed lunches and heavily research places to eat out if we chose to. Arriving equipped with … Continue reading Eating Vegan In Iceland 

Iceland: Driving The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a popular 300km tourist route that meanders by three of Iceland's natural wonders. Beginning in Reykjavik, the route loops into central Iceland and back down through the South, concluding the journey along Route 1. The tour covers Thingvellir National Park; Iceland's greatest historical site, the hot springs in Geysir: Large erupting Geysers reaching … Continue reading Iceland: Driving The Golden Circle

Packing For A Winter’s Trip To Iceland

For Chris and I it's becoming a trend, trading the scorching hot beach holidays for the more cooler of places, choosing adventure and the outdoors over cocktails at the poolside. Iceland has appeared on both of our bucket lists for as long as we can remember, dreaming of standing under a clear sky, wrapped up in … Continue reading Packing For A Winter’s Trip To Iceland