Top Tips On Creating A Minimalist Living Space

The never-ending task of tidying and cleaning can be minimised by altering the space in which you dwell. Here I provide you with some top tips on how to create a minimalist living space and where to begin.


Bullet Journal: Why Everyone Should Have One

What Is A Bullet Journal? A bullet journal is an organisational system that allows you to do more with less. Imagine a space where your diary, notebook and to do-lists meet and work together in a harmonious way. Forget task managing apps, daily reminders and weekly planners; the bullet journal combines all of these and more in one place. The simple yet revolutionary system bridges the gap between productivity and mindfulness and will transform your day-to-day life by simply putting pen to paper.

February’s Ethical Purchases

Having decluttered my wardrobe and discarded my unusable possessions, the list began to grow of items in which I needed to replace. With 'one item in and two items out' at the forefront of my mind, I knew I had to think consciously and ethically before I emptied my pockets. Read on to see which three everyday … Continue reading February’s Ethical Purchases

Minimalism: What It Means To Me

Minimalism may equal less but it certainly does not equal a lack of something. When you enjoy and appreciate the possessions you already have, you begin to see why they brought you joy in the first place. You may own less from a consumer's point of view but what you do own serves a purpose or brings happiness.

Minimalism: A Definition

As defined by Josh and Ryan at The, Minimalism is: 'A tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfilment, and freedom.' They believe that minimalism is a tool to help you realise what is of upmost importance in your life and to bring you closer to finding freedom. That is not to say that you should donate all of your possessions to charity, downsize to a studio flat or sell your TV (if that brings you happiness then sure, do it!). It is more about prioritising what is important and putting our relationships, health and passions first. This usually begins with looking at all of our stuff, things, junk, excess possessions, that no longer bring us joy or serve a purpose and making a conscious and deliberate choice to part with them.